Do I Need a New Roof Or Can I Just Add More Shingles

How do I know if I really need a whole new roof or can I just get away with adding another layer of shingles? That is a question that gets asked daily in certain parts of the United States.

Why only certain parts of the country?
Well a big factor in the equation is the weather. In the southern, warmer less humid, parts of the country, Southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona for example the weather is so dry that there is no real fear of humidity causing rot to the roof in normal situations.

If you live in an area with high humidity then there is an increased chance that your roof will have at least some moss on it , this is a sign of damp and high water levels. This can also be accompanied by areas of rot in the roof. The bad news is that often the only way to find out if you have rot in plywood layer of your roof is to rip of all the shingles and then look.

When most people consider roof repair they think along the lines of the old saying “Out of sight out of mind”. Just putting on another layer of shingles may seem easier and quicker but if you are just covering up some rotten roofing boards then that problem will grow. If you leave rotten wood untreated then the next problem you have will be a collapsed roof rather than just replacing shingles.

The main factor with many home repairs is “How much?” that is the first and last thing that many people think about and it is a mistake. Putting a new layer of shingles on your roof without taking the old ones off first will save you some money, you don’t have to pay for the labor or the removal of the waste. However if you are just covering up rotten wood then that will collapse eventually and then the costs could be immense.

Consider the Climate Before You Choose Your Roof

The climate should be your number one concern when you are looking for a new roof. Of course money is often the first issue, but this shouldn’t be the determining factor in which material that you choose for your roof. Certain material will last longer and be more efficient than others. For example if you live in Phoenix you know that asphalt probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Although it is the cheapest choice you will most likely be replacing the roof that you spend thousands to have installed in a few short years. A better choice would be a standing seam metal roof.

Metal is back and making its presence known. The reason for this is for a variety of reason. Firstly you have many choices of styles, colors and designs. But the more beneficial reasons is for it’s durability in any climate whether the powerful Las Vegas, Nevada sun or the below freezing temperatures of New England. The main downside to this type of material is that it’s not really something that the average person is going to be able to install on their own. You can find it in prefabricated material, but this is better left to the professionals.

You can look online to see the various options that you have with metal roofing shingles or sheets. It would be in your best interest to at least take a closer look at this. There are honestly many options. Unfortunately this is not the cheapest type of roofing that you can have installed. Although, the many great benefits of paying the extra money for it certainly outweighs the downsides of it. Metal roofs can actually save you money on your energy bill, and they will probably out last your home.

When you are looking at the various options that you have in roofing material some of the most important things to consider is going to be the durability, maintenance, warranty, energy-efficiency, life span, climate and fire resistance. You can make a list of these things, and put them next to the materials that you are interested in and check off which of those listed factors that it offers you. This will help you to choose based on the most important things, which in return will guide you into choosing a roof that will outlive your home therefore saving you a ton of money.

How to Upgrade Your Roof With Clay Tile Roofing

Any home improvement project usually includes installing a new roof for the house, or replacing the existing dilapidated one. Though an integral part of home improvement, it is definitely one of the most expensive and tedious of all the tasks.

The kind of roof you install depends largely upon the climate of the place you stay in. remember that a roof is not something that you change everyday. A well planned installation usually lasts a minimum of ten years.

One of the most stylish kinds of roofs is the Clay tile roofing. This style is associated with Spanish architecture. Make sure that this style of roof goes with the architecture of your house and also suits the weather. A roof made of this material has many advantages. For instance, Clay tile roofing lasts much longer than the other types and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

A well installed roof of this particular design can last up to fifty years at a time! However there is one major drawback of this variety of roofs. They need special materials and expertise, and therefore cannot be done by anyone and everyone. Also the cost of installation is much higher than the other types of roofs. This type of roofing is also meant only for the hot climates. Hence it is very famous in states like California, Florida and Nevada, where it can hold up easily against the scorching sun and heat because of their remarkable endurance.

So the first thing to remember while installing clay tile roofing is that it should suit the weather conditions, and secondly, you need to hire professional help. Once installed the correct way, the roof of your house is going to last a very long time without the need for much maintenance.

Different Types of Roofing

The roofing that you have on your house will depend on the area in which your house is located. If, for example, you happen to live in a southern state where it is warm all of the time, you will want to have clay or slate tiles for your roof. These hold up much better in hot weather and can take a beating from storms much better than ordinary shingles.

Slate roofs are among the best types of roofs to have and usually end up costing quite a bit of money, but they do make a dramatic difference in your home. You can choose from many different varieties of slate roofs today. Expect to pay more for this type of roof, but it will add to the value of your home.

Clay roofs are also very popular in areas such as California, Florida, Nevada and other warm states. They hold up very well in the hot weather and also look attractive. You will not see ordinary shingle made from composite materials in these states as they would melt in the hot sun and not work well with the roof.

Tile roofs are also very well liked in hot states. Tile roofs can be seen in the Southwest areas as well as in some upscale neighborhoods all over the United States. They have a remarkable endurance when it comes to withstanding bad weather.

Wood shingles are created for more traditional style homes. They are made from treated wood and hold up in four season states where the weather does not get to the extreme. They are very attractive and many people are choosing wooden shingles today for their homes.

Most people, however, have shingles that are made of a composite of tar and sheet rock. There are different quality types of these shingles. Hallmark shingles look almost like a slate roof and are the top of the line when it comes to ordinary roof shingles. Hallmark shingles will generally cost you more money, but will add to the appeal of the home.

Ordinary shingles are what most people will get when they order a roof. These are put over tar paper and then nailed into the roof. The roof is made of wood and then covered with tar paper. After that come the shingles. The shingles overlap so that no water gets in to leak into the roof. Every 10 years or so, you should get a new roof. You can put shingles on top of an old roof up to three times, but after that, you must remove the shingles and put on an entire new roof. This may end up costing $30,000.

Why Metal Roofing V Composition Roofing


If green is the new black, then in the world of roofing, metal is the new wood shake shingle. Often times, people are surprised to learn that different types of metal roofing exist, let alone that they’ve been available for over 50 years. Such is the case with Gerard’s stone-coated metal roofing technology, available from True Green Roofing Solutions.

At 1.5 pounds per square foot, stone-coated metal roofing is viable for new construction as well as old shakes and decaying composition (systems can actually be installed directly over old roofs, effectively adding extra insulation and eliminating landfill waste). These versatile roofing systems install quickly and easily over a 2×2 wood batten system. They also help reduce energy costs, as the stone-coated steel systems allow for continuous airflow across the deck, which means less heated air in the attic. This results in less stress on the cooling system and lower energy consumption. In areas such as ours that experience all four seasons, these systems add an average insulating factor of R11 to a house, creating a more efficiently cooled or heated home.

The Gerard metal roofing systems are the only stone-coated steel systems proven to withstand the climate extremes and snow loads found in the Reno, Nevada,Truckee/Tahoe Donner and Lake Tahoe areas. They are class A-rated for fire, come with a lifetime warranty and are authorized for use by the respective building departments throughout the area. Whether this is your home or your home away from home, you owe it to yourself to look at your options.

The EPA reports that $40 billion is spent annually in the United States to cool buildings. This accounts for one-sixth of all electricity generated in a year. These staggering statistics, coupled with the rising cost of heating and cooling homes, have homeowners looking for ways to save the earth and save money on energy costs.

Green building practices promote construction of buildings that are healthier for the occupants and healthier for the environment. The metal roofing industry’s products are already environmentally friendly as most metal roofs contain more than 25 percent recycled content. This level of recycled content allows metal roofing to be included on listings of ‘green’ and recycled content products. In addition, metal roofing is 100 percent recyclable. Traditional roofing products, such as asphalt, contribute 13 billion pounds of waste to U.S. landfills annually. Many metal roofs can be installed over an existing roof, without tear-off and disposal.

A cool roof is often described as one that has a high solar reflectance and a high thermal emittance. The emittance of a material refers to its ability to release absorbed heat. A roof is ‘cool’ if its surface temperature is lower, and as a result, the cooling load in the building is reduced. Solar reflectance is the most important characteristic of a roof product in terms of yielding the highest energy savings during warmer months. The higher the solar reflective value the more efficient the product is in reflecting sunlight and heat away from the building and reducing roof temperature.

Nevada Home Owner Insurance Quote

Auto, health, life, long term, and supplemental insurance policies – now you are telling me I need home owner insurance, too?

Well, yes, we are. Purchasing a home owner insurance policy is an important and responsible move. A Nevada home owner insurance policy will protect your home and its contents, as well as provide liability coverage in the event someone becomes injured on your property.

Plus, if you have, or are considering, purchasing a new Nevada home with the financial help of a lender, your lender will undoubtedly require you to purchase a home owner insurance policy until you have paid off your lender loan.

The first step to getting an insurance policy is shopping around for a Nevada home owner insurance quote – but what can you expect when it comes to your policy quote?

o The construction of your home. Brick homes are usually cheaper to cover with home owner insurance.

o The age of your home. It is more difficult for you to insure a very old home than it is for you to insure a relatively new home. Sometimes home owner insurance companies will offer limited insurance coverage to old homes. This is an incentive for you to update important elements of your home. Forget the new carpet – concentrate on your plumbing, electrical, windows, roof, and safety devices.

o Your home’s location in relation to fire departments and police departments.

o The amount of coverage you want, and the amount of the deductible you are willing to pay. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums may be.

o Any discounts you may be eligible for, such as multi-line policy discounts and discounts for improving the safety of your home.

Be prepared to address these factors when you set out for your Nevada home owner insurance quote. Each one may make you or break you as far as the price of your home owner insurance policy is concerned.

Nevada Home Insurance Quotes And Saving Money

Nevada home insurance costs are on par with most of the nation, but you probably don’t want to pay more than you have to. Here are some tips when getting quotes and finding other ways to cut your homeowner insurance costs.

Say you need to get tires for your car, or want to hire someone to paint your house. How much time do you spend calling around, looking through the paper or phone book trying to find sales or the best bids? The funny thing is that people are more likely to spend time trying to save on smaller ticket purchases than on their home insurance.

Yet when you comparison shop, one of the easiest ways to save on your home insurance really doesn’t take much time. Many people don’t realize that home insurance rates vary from company to company in Nevada. So the first thing you want to do is get comparison quotes. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you get at least three quotes from different companies or agents to get a good idea of how much you can save.

You can call individual companies or agents, or go online. A convenient way to get several quotes at once is through a comparison Web site, which does not represent a single company. When you complete and submit their online form, you’ll receive several quotes back from different agents or companies in your area.

Whether you contact individual companies or use a comparison site, just make sure you provide the same information about the amount of coverages and deductibles to each, so you get an accurate comparison.

Also, ask about available discounts. You could get a reduction on your premium if you have a hard-wired fire alarm system, just replaced or repaired your roof or upgraded your electrical system. You can often save if you insure your vehicles with the same company that insures your home.

And realize that you only need coverage for the home itself (including possessions and liability), not the land it sits on. Plus, you could save quite a bit by increasing your deductible.

How to Find the Best Rates On Automobile Insurance in Nevada

Nevada is serious about each and every driver in the state having liability insurance. In fact, Nevada is so serious about insurance that they have instituted the Insurance Verification Program. Through the Insurance Verification Program every time a driver cancels his or her auto insurance at one insurance company, the state checks to make sure that insurance is purchased at another company for that same car.

The idea is to keep all uninsured vehicles off of Nevada streets. Nevada has zero tolerance for uninsured drivers.

Unfortunately automobile insurance in Nevada is no less expensive than anywhere else, which leaves virtually every Nevada driver scrambling to find the best rates on Automobile Insurance.

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help keep your auto insurance rates as low as possible.

Start by keeping your driving record clean. Speeding tickets…drunk or impaired driving convictions…or any other moving violation is enough to increase your premiums for auto insurance until they are virtually through the roof.

If you are a new driver you know how expensive automobile insurance can be for you. You can help keep your premiums as low as possible by staying in school and getting good grades; almost every auto insurance company in Nevada has a Good Student Discount. Also, before you buy your first car talk with an insurance agent and see just how expensive insurance coverage is going to be. Remember, the faster and sleeker that new car is, or the more muscle it has under the hood, the more you’re going to be paying each month for the privilege of driving it on Nevada roads.

Drivers 55 or older can get discounts on their auto insurance if they take state-approved driver’s training refresher courses; seniors can save as much as 10% on their auto insurance.

Next, ask yourself how much of your own money you can afford to spend if you get in an accident or have any other claim. The more you can pay – in other words, the higher your policy’s deductible – the lower your monthly premium payment will be.

Now top everything off with a trip online to one of the many websites that allow you to compare auto insurance policies and prices side-by side. But don’t stop with running your numbers through just one site – check out the prices on at least 3 different sites so you will be more likely to see the rates of as many different companies as possible.

Auto insurance is taken very seriously by the state of Nevada, and it needs to be taken seriously by you, too, which is why it is so important for you to find the best rates on automobile insurance in Nevada.

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Nevada

To find cheap auto insurance companies in Nevada, you need to know what discounts to look for as well as which companies to research. Our article will give information both on savings as well as what type of company to look for to find cheap Nevada auto insurance. Finally, I will point you towards some free search tool to get you started with your savings.

There are two ways to save money on your Nevada auto insurance: find additional discounts to lower the premium and make changes to your policy to cut it down. Let’s start by discussing the first with Nevada discounts on auto insurance:

Multi-vehicle discount: By combining vehicles on to one policy, most companies will offer an automatic discount to your car insurance.

Home/life/auto discount: Put all your insurance needs under one roof to save big. Many companies will also give discounts on all three policies.

Sponsored marketing/affinity group discount: Check with the organizations that you belong to see if they have contracted with a certain insurance company for discounts.

Another way to save money is to make some changes to your policy. After taking a look at your current policy, here are a few to consider:

Cut down on your work commute. Companies look at how far you drive each way to work because it increases you chance of being in an accident, thus they raise your prices.

Make sure all your coverage is necessary. Do you have emergency roadside service on your policy, yet you have a membership with AAA?

As usual, it will depend on the driver as well as a number of other factors to calculate each individual premium. However, by comparing multiple companies you increase your odds of finding the best price for the best coverage. Further, take a look at major companies as well as local Nevada insurers. Here are the prominent insurers in Nevada to keep in mind:


Liberty Mutual




Being aware of savings opportunities and comparing multiple companies is the key to finding cheap auto insurance companies in Nevada. Begin your quest today for lower insurance premiums by comparing rates from top companies! Finding the cheapest Nevada car insurance company is up to you!

Nevada Construction Jobs

Companies like Concrete Mobile Mix, Ab Construction Services Inc, 24/7 Construction Inc and A-1 All American Roofing are taking up newer construction work in Nevada and are offering lucrative construction jobs in Nevada.

Lying in the Great Basin of North America and characterized by the Colorado and Snake River systems, Nevada has much potential for construction projects! The Nevada construction work is expanding in order to bring to the people better infrastructural and housing facilities.

Along with its auxiliary industries the Nevada construction sector is a prime employer of labour and work force. Not only do Nevada construction jobs offer you high salaries and incentives for the work that you do but many of these jobs also train you and ensure career growth in the future.

The Central Refrigerated in Las Vegas is on the lookout for Truck Drivers. This job does not demand any prior experience and offers an attractive pay package along with bonus, medical coverage, paid leaves and a 401K retirement scheme.

If you are interested in working as a Satellite Technician or Installer, then drop in your resume at DISH Network in Las Vegas. You need a General Education Degree along with a driver’s license and must be willing to work for flexible hours. Your work will mainly engage installation, repairing and maintenance.

You will be given overtime payment, paid training and immense scope for growth in this job. If you have a four year degree along with 3 years job experience that boasts of an excellent job record then you can quickly apply for a Sales job at the Ultimate Staffing Services in Reno in order to work in the business development and sales department and draw a handsome salary of $28K to $30K per year.

In order to quickly fill in the vacancy for Planning and Reporting Technician at System One in Henderson, you must be good at understanding the progress of projects and must report to the concerned authority therein, you must also be willing to solve various problems and will be answerable for producing reports on time.

Along with these qualities if you can also have an impressive job experience then be sure to be paid $20 to $22 per hour at your job. Harmony Homes in Las Vegas requires an Architecture Manager to administer various documents and in order to lead the development of various products in question.

The Manager must also perform different managerial tasks and maintain proper records while also supervising and analyzing the market conditions and demands. For acquiring this job you need to be a graduate along with 7 years work experience in the particular field. This specialized job requires you to have enough knowledge in your field and have a motivated and innovative outlook.

Nevada’s capital Carson City also brings many opportunities for newer and better construction projects to be taken up which are sure to generate more construction jobs! In fact apart from tourism which is a major source of economic prosperity in Nevada, the construction industry is also showing a lot of potential.

With 751,165 households in Nevada a large number of people depend on the jobs generated by this industry in order to ensure themselves and their families a decent standard of living and a constant source of income.

Thus, the Nevada construction jobs are for people with varied skills and require people from all fields in order to make the construction projects a success. These jobs offer you the financial and social security that you have always dreamt of and make sure that while you work you learn too so that you can grow and reach great heights in the future.