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How to Upgrade Your Roof With Clay Tile Roofing

Any home improvement project usually includes installing a new roof for the house, or replacing the existing dilapidated one. Though an integral part of home improvement, it is definitely one of the most expensive and tedious of all the tasks.

The kind of roof you install depends largely upon the climate of the place you stay in. remember that a roof is not something that you change everyday. A well planned installation usually lasts a minimum of ten years.

One of the most stylish kinds of roofs is the Clay tile roofing. This style is associated with Spanish architecture. Make sure that this style of roof goes with the architecture of your house and also suits the weather. A roof made of this material has many advantages. For instance, Clay tile roofing lasts much longer than the other types and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

A well installed roof of this particular design can last up to fifty years at a time! However there is one major drawback of this variety of roofs. They need special materials and expertise, and therefore cannot be done by anyone and everyone. Also the cost of installation is much higher than the other types of roofs. This type of roofing is also meant only for the hot climates. Hence it is very famous in states like California, Florida and Nevada, where it can hold up easily against the scorching sun and heat because of their remarkable endurance.

So the first thing to remember while installing clay tile roofing is that it should suit the weather conditions, and secondly, you need to hire professional help. Once installed the correct way, the roof of your house is going to last a very long time without the need for much maintenance.