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Nevada Home Insurance Quotes And Saving Money

Nevada home insurance costs are on par with most of the nation, but you probably don’t want to pay more than you have to. Here are some tips when getting quotes and finding other ways to cut your homeowner insurance costs.

Say you need to get tires for your car, or want to hire someone to paint your house. How much time do you spend calling around, looking through the paper or phone book trying to find sales or the best bids? The funny thing is that people are more likely to spend time trying to save on smaller ticket purchases than on their home insurance.

Yet when you comparison shop, one of the easiest ways to save on your home insurance really doesn’t take much time. Many people don’t realize that home insurance rates vary from company to company in Nevada. So the first thing you want to do is get comparison quotes. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you get at least three quotes from different companies or agents to get a good idea of how much you can save.

You can call individual companies or agents, or go online. A convenient way to get several quotes at once is through a comparison Web site, which does not represent a single company. When you complete and submit their online form, you’ll receive several quotes back from different agents or companies in your area.

Whether you contact individual companies or use a comparison site, just make sure you provide the same information about the amount of coverages and deductibles to each, so you get an accurate comparison.

Also, ask about available discounts. You could get a reduction on your premium if you have a hard-wired fire alarm system, just replaced or repaired your roof or upgraded your electrical system. You can often save if you insure your vehicles with the same company that insures your home.

And realize that you only need coverage for the home itself (including possessions and liability), not the land it sits on. Plus, you could save quite a bit by increasing your deductible.